Straight Out Of Context 03-17-19

MargaretSmall Group Discussion Starters

Sermon Questions for Straight Out Of Context 03-17-19

Jeremiah 29:11


Before hearing this week message…

What did you understand this verse to be saying?

How has your understanding changed?

Do you believe God sits next to you…even if He doesn’t answer your prayers right away?

In your day to day life, have you surrounded yourself with like-minded people?

God’s plan is multi-generational.  What good things do you think our kids will see that we will not?

Share a grace-filled moment that you experienced at Revive?

Dusty mentioned 5 things he hopes would represent each person at Revive.  Which of the following come most naturally to you?  Which of the following is God still growing you into?

Extend and Accept Grace?

Feed Yourself Spiritually

Use Your Gifts

Live Generously

Share Your Faith