Small Group Questions

Joseph– Week Four  

Genesis 48:15-16, 49:22-25

1)     Share any thoughts or anything that jump out at you during Dusty’s message on Sunday. 

2)     Share a moment and/or comment that your received from your dad that impacted you.

3)     Is the idea of “speaking a blessing” over your kids, new to you?     

4)     Has anyone ever spoken a blessing over you?  If yes, share your experience.

5)     Dusty laid out a challenge, on Sunday, for the men…take time this week to write out and pray a blessing over each of your kids.  Men have you consider taking on this challenge?  What hesitation do you have?

6)     Following Genesis 48:15-16, Dusty laid out 4 parts of a blessing.

  1. Sharing your family “faith” history
  2. Sharing your testimony
  3. Sharing your hope for the future
  4. Sharing specifies – related to each kid.

7)     Take a few minutes now to share either your family “faith” history or testimony with your group.


Want to learn more about GRACE?  Check out Trueface, on your favorite podcast app, they are currently doing a series called GRACE and Proverbs.  For 12 minutes a week they will be discussing how we read Proverbs through the eyes of GRACE.