Straight Out Of Context 03-03-19

revivechurchboiseSmall Group Discussion Starters

Sermon Questions for Straight Out Of Context 03-03-19

Philippians 4:13

Dusty talked about Ephesians 4:13 and maturing in Christ…however we have these things (physical health, social circle, spiritual journey, mental capacity and emotional health) all vying for our attention.
Which one gets the majority of your time?
Which one can never be broken?
Share your thoughts about Dusty’s comment…when we have on going struggles (money, lust, ect.)…we actually have a spiritual problem not a money problem or a lust problem or ect. problem.
Where do you find peace during your struggles? Self-help books, therapy, friends?
Read Philippians 4:13
Do you trust that God is strengthening you?